About Us

ARU sushi means fresh ingredients of sushi. Our restaurant brings you the best, unique preparations and humble service for a special dining experience. ARU sushi offer daily omakase ( Chef's choice ) , tasting menu, small plates, full sushi and kitchen menu.
Omakase, Japanese for "ill leave it up to you" entrust your chef to create a unique and extraordinary menu for your enjoyment. A dazzling array of exquisite flavor and contrasting textures, inspired innovation.
Executive chef Robby Wijaya brings a unique combination of Eastern and Western culinary concepts.
Chef Robby hails from Indonesia where he developed his love for food and cooking and began his culinary journey. In less than two years, Chef Wijaya with impressive skills and innovative Japanese dishes to complement a menu of impeccable sushi.

Chef Bambang Sunarno, graduated from Hotel Academy Indonesia in 1972 and came to the USA in 1973 to pursue his career as a Chef.
Chef Bambang Sunarno has mastered the unique blending of exotic spices, soothing coconut milk, lemongrass, lime leaves, creating a unique, sophisticated, and mouth watering Indonesian cuisine.Sunarno also creates a unique combination of Western and Eastern cuisine.
He was working as a Chef at different fine dining restaurant like International Table at Windows of the World, World Trade Center, New York City, Chef at Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York City, banquet Chef at New York Palace Hotel, NYC.
At ARU Sushi, we believe that success is a team sport. We know that we cannot be successful without amazing and strong teamwork. Therefore, we focus on our team dynamics, so we can creates the best for your enjoyment.

ARU Mission

Our food is affordable and healthy and you can count on the friendly staff and great service. The innovative menu creation by Chef Robby Wijaya and Bambang Sunarno will keep you interested in healthy eating and we guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and feel energized.